Cheesy Naruto Pick Up Lines

Cheesy Cute Naruto Pick Up Lines

I know everybody likes  cheesy cute naruto pick up lines . I am sure that you can't find it anywhere else. 

Sage mode doesn’t just increase your fighting strength. 
I have ten thousand years of fox demon fury sealed inside, and it’s just bursting to go out if you know what I’m saying.
I’m an expert with my hands, and that I am not talking about signs.
I have something big and pulsating… of course, my Rasengan is powerful too.
I don’t have Byakugan, so you’ll have to take off your clothes.
I have a bijuu with tentacle tails within me, follow me, and I’ll show you what it can do.
Have you been using Tsukuyomi on me? It feels like I just lost my whole day looking into your eyes.
Are you going to come with me or should I use my byakugan?
I’ll use my Mokuton to make you scream Cha!
I’ll use my Hiraishin to get back to you whenever I can.
Do you want a training partner? Come to my room and let’s release some chakra.
Hey, want to Neji around?You know what they say about men with big Rasengan’s…
I just realized I’m a human puppet a while ago, but why do you still give me wood.
Come to my place and I’ll reveal you my ‘lightning blade.
Girl.. Are you a Rasengan? Cause you are spiralling my spheres.
Come to my experiment room, I’m going to have to take over your body, and it’s not for the immortality technique.
My dad was the yellow flash, cause he’s the fastest of all. I’m the yellow thunder, cause I can give the loudest orgasm to every girl.
Want to see my lightning blade? I can make you scream like Chidori.
Are you from the Hyuuga clan by any chance? Because you are hitting all the right chakra points.
How much does Gamabunta weigh? Enough to break the ice.
I have the Byakugan; I like what I see here.
My name is Lee, and I want to Rock your world!
I address you as amaterasu…because you are an ever-burning black flame.
Let’s make some Jutsu together? In your room…
Hey, girl call me hashirama because you just gave me WOOD.
You must be from the Hokage from the land of fire because you are hot!
Are you using genjutsu on me, because I can’t see anything but you right now.
Let me one thousand years of death you, sexually.