The Perfect Pick Up Line

There are good ways to deliver a pick up line, but there are many wrong ways too. The best way to deliver a pick up line is to do it as naturally as possible so that it flows into the conversation. This way of delivery makes you look super cool as well as effortlessly intelligent!!If you can blend it into the conversation in an appropriate manner, then you are cooking on gas. Now if you want to do this, you may want to think out your strategy beforehand so that you have a way of slipping a pick up line, or chat up lines, into the conversation.
Keep Your Pick Up Line Options Open
There are two main steps to do this. You may have one pick up line that you would love to use, so if that is the case try to think of a few different scenarios where you could use your line and then think of ways to bring around the conversation so that you can slip it in. You may have a few opening gambits in mind that could work for this. Another way is to have more than one pick up line that you are ready to use so that you can then use the line that seems most appropriate at the time. This is a very useful trick as sometimes one chat up line may go down like a lead balloon in certain situations or with certain people. You need to give yourself some flexibility and options.
Chatting Up The Opposite Sex Just Got Easier
In conclusion, it's nice to be one step ahead and be ready for any eventuality so that you can create a big impression, but on the other hand, you do want to be as natural and as much at ease as possible. The more significant the glint in your eye the better chance you have of success! Here`s a pick up line that may or may not work!!“Excuse but I`m looking around for treasure, can I look in your chest?”
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Cheesy Naruto Pick Up Lines

Cheesy Cute Naruto Pick Up Lines

I know everybody likes  cheesy cute naruto pick up lines . I am sure that you can't find it anywhere else. 

Sage mode doesn’t just increase your fighting strength. 
I have ten thousand years of fox demon fury sealed inside, and it’s just bursting to go out if you know what I’m saying.
I’m an expert with my hands, and that I am not talking about signs.
I have something big and pulsating… of course, my Rasengan is powerful too.
I don’t have Byakugan, so you’ll have to take off your clothes.
I have a bijuu with tentacle tails within me, follow me, and I’ll show you what it can do.
Have you been using Tsukuyomi on me? It feels like I just lost my whole day looking into your eyes.
Are you going to come with me or should I use my byakugan?
I’ll use my Mokuton to make you scream Cha!
I’ll use my Hiraishin to get back to you whenever I can.
Do you want a training partner? Come to my room and let’s release some chakra.
Hey, want to Neji around?You know what they say about men with big Rasengan’s…
I just realized I’m a human puppet a while ago, but why do you still give me wood.
Come to my place and I’ll reveal you my ‘lightning blade.
Girl.. Are you a Rasengan? Cause you are spiralling my spheres.
Come to my experiment room, I’m going to have to take over your body, and it’s not for the immortality technique.
My dad was the yellow flash, cause he’s the fastest of all. I’m the yellow thunder, cause I can give the loudest orgasm to every girl.
Want to see my lightning blade? I can make you scream like Chidori.
Are you from the Hyuuga clan by any chance? Because you are hitting all the right chakra points.
How much does Gamabunta weigh? Enough to break the ice.
I have the Byakugan; I like what I see here.
My name is Lee, and I want to Rock your world!
I address you as amaterasu…because you are an ever-burning black flame.
Let’s make some Jutsu together? In your room…
Hey, girl call me hashirama because you just gave me WOOD.
You must be from the Hokage from the land of fire because you are hot!
Are you using genjutsu on me, because I can’t see anything but you right now.
Let me one thousand years of death you, sexually.
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One Piece Pick Up Lines

One Piece Pick Up Lines

Did you just use haki on me? Because I can hardly breath when you are near me.
I’m worth 600 million beri, you can spend me as much as you want.
I had the gomu-gomu fruit, the effect is small, but if you come with me, I’ll show you that it can really stretch.
You know Chopper can do guard point, kung fu point, heavy point and all, I can’t do them, but I’ve got one point, and it’s really strong. Boner point!
Soru! I just moved my hips real fast I bet you can’t see it moving. Want to try it on the bed?
GOMU GOMU no… Boner Pistolu! My giganto pistol is way different than Luffy’s if you know what I mean.
Ice Age! Weird, why is my power ain’t working.
I’ve come a long way for One Piece. Finally, I’ve found you.
It’s decided, I’ll be the pirate king one day, and you’ll be my pirate queen today.
Are you one of the Shichibukai? Because they say, one of them is the most beautiful lady.
Want to set sail with Thousand Sunny? You’ll be my sea, and I’ll be your ship.
Are you a pirate or a marine? Either way, I think you’ve captured my heart.
Where are you from? I’m from East Blue? Want to go to the New World together? It’s just in my room.
I need to harbour near you, don’t know why but my log post just went crazy.
Can you help me to navigate my ship? Because I’m lost without you.
Tekkai! It’s gotten hard if you know what I mean.
I can be your cook if you can be my lady.
You’ve just stolen my heart, even tho I don’t have a heart. Yohohohoho!
I wanted to draw the map of the world, but your body has a nicer contour. To avoid mistake, I need to measure it without the clothes on.
Do you want to join my crew? Together we can rock the bedroom.
How can you not be on the wanted list? I would certainly want you.
Baby, I’d kill a sea monster for you.
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Cheesy Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls To Make Her SMILE!

Cheesy Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls
Cheesy pick up lines has one common feature they rarely work. Still, trying to be original with the right girl and getting her to respond or to laugh will provide you with that initial contact you are looking for. Knowing how and when to use pick up lines will either make or break your dating strategy. I have attempted it with many girls, and I have managed to be successful. Being flexible and ready to personalize your lines will help you with even the toughest and most cool lady. Here is a list of fun cheesy pick up lines to use on girls successfully.

List Of Fun Cheesy Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

Remember that your intonation and eye contact are just as important, as the wittiness of the pick up line. Why does this pick up line work? It is very different from other things she has heard, especially when it comes to getting a drink. Also, it takes her to respond by asking you a question. The final part will make her laugh. This cheesy pick up line to use on girls achieves both the goals of getting her engaged and making her laugh. 

You don’t need car keys to drive me crazy.

You cannot go wrong with it. Once again, the goal of this pick up line is to make her laugh. It is very witty and perfect for nearly any occasion. To make the magic happen, you have to say it like you mean it. Looking all confused and out of words will be helpful. 
Being good with pick up lines involves some acting. If you have to  practice at home. I take some time to observe myself in the mirror, to pay attention to body language and voice. It may even be a great idea to record your voice and to listen to it before approaching ladies. This pick up line demonstrates some confidence in a non-offensive way. 

Your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice.

It makes your intentions clear, but it also shows that you have a good sense of humor. 
Some girls may be unwilling to respond to this kind of provocation. Be careful before using it and observe the lady. I do not think that anything could be cheesier than this pick up line. Maybe this is precisely the characteristic that is making it successful. And let us face it, most women will enjoy a real compliment. Taking a flower to the first meeting will score you some bonus points. Although it is far from outrageously humorous, this cheesy pick up line can be your ticket to success.This one rank among the bolder cheesy pick up lines to use on girls.

Screw me if I am wrong, but haven’t we met before?

Make sure that she is in a good predisposition and that she has a good sense of humor before attempting to sweep her off her feet this way. 

It would also be nice to have extra pick up line to use after you have said this one.You are once again complimenting her in a cheesy way. There is nothing wrong with it, and my experience shows that it works flawlessly. Also, being creative is always better than only telling her that she is beautiful or staring her speechless. Equip yourself with a camera to make the situation hilarious. Who knows, she may even be willing to let you take a picture. You simply have to be persuasive enough.
Here is a pick up line that will push her. 

Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.

Use it on girls that seem to be openly flirtatious and enjoying the game. If she is very conservative and shy, she will probably be turned off by such direct statements. Understanding the lady that you are talking to is of vital importance. Going to the club equipped with some pick up lines that sound funny to you will be inefficient if you have no idea how to choose the statement that is right for the occasion.


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